Core Competency

Movensys' motion control solution (WMX) consists of an open architecture, Moventecture,
which consists of a motion control technology, Soft Motion, and a communication technology, Soft Master.

Soft Motion

Soft Motion

Soft Motion is the control area of Moventecture, and it is MOVENSYS' proprietary motion control technology designed in software. It is a core technology that can perform real-time high-speed multi-axis motion control through fast calculation and fixed cycle processing, and enables customization of control functions, connection with other programs, and extension.


- Advanced motion profile support and synchronization with many motors

- Adjustable memory usage according to requirements

- Dynamic memory allocation enables unlimited real-time sequence as well as advanced controls

- Real-time operation at Windows PC (Refer to the picture)

=> Separate execution of real-time kernel from Windows by allocating dedicated CPU core.

     Motion control and communications are performed on top of real-time kernel.



1. High speed sequence and data update
  - High speed data communication enables improved equipment sequence and update

  - Advanced motion control and performance(efficiency, takt time)

  - Real-time operation of sequences

2. Optimizing PC resource with flexible system

  - Modular architecture enables optimization of PC resource and helps building flexible control system

3. Simplified secondary development
  - User-friendly system interface for developing customized motion control engine

4. Simulation with Soft Motion

  - Development phase and resources can be minimized with the help of 3D simulator showing equipment operation status